I’ve always known that I see life differently than others; seeing through a lens as singularly divergent and unique as the ridges and valleys on my fingers. Though possessing the ability to see beyond the verifiable, I’ve never known the best way to actualize those experiences into conceptual representations. How does one show others exactly how they see and experience their world? How can we ever relate to one another without the ability to communicate to someone else our uncommon relationship with life?
In a way that is as indescribable as my ability to see beyond, I’ve found photography to be one such tool to remedy these matters. With its ability to transcend verbal transmission, visual representation allows me to capture my subtle sense of insight and relay it to others. At the same time, it enables me to draw the viewer to experience the wonder of my own making and involve their own unique and wonderful episode with visual art. With and throughout this nonverbal exchange, I find my true passion for photography.
As described in its title, Not Just a Series of Images is a visual study of finding my own path of truth and exploration in the world. Presented as a fine-art documentary-style exploration of urban landscapes, this series attempts to meld personal realities with those of broader society by documenting those intersections. Through personally written field notes, viewers gain access to my eccentricities of individual insight in search of the more subtle nature of social engagement, truth subjectivity, systems of value, and existential philosophy. Alternatively, Not Just a Series of Images is an invitation for you to first experience and then express your own conceptual truth of how you experience your world.

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